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Database Administrator's tasks

Install SQL Server products

  • SQL Server engine (MSSQL), Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS) and in some companies Reporting Services (SSRS) are the products that one SQL Server DBA need to install time to time.
  • Since any of those products have regular hotfixes, the DBA need to keep them up to date installing the last patch as soon as possible.

Configure SQL Server products

  • After install one of the products above, the DBA need to configure it following the rules of the team.

Maintenance plans

  • The DBA is responsible to set maintenance plans for all databases, wich includes backups and reindexes strategies.


  • The DBA is responsible to give and restrict access to SQL Server instances and databases. Also for cubes, packages and reports.


  • One of the tasks that needs more skills from DBA. Only someone with years of experience as DBA can have the sensibility to know where and what to do for get the boost that it needs.
  • Everything can be tunned. From OS, hardware, network, SQL Server instance to simple queries.


  • The DBA is as big help for troubleshooting. With the correct tools and knowlegde he can be a added value for incidents and problems resolutions.

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