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SQL Server Developer

What are the responsibilities of a SQL Server Developer?

An SQL Server Developer as any database developer should follow the software life cycle, starting with the analysis and working next to the project team to design the data model and identify the requisites to support the database(s).

When creates the database schema and objects, the SQL Server developer needs to implement the respective rules for data integrity.

During the phase of development, SQL Server developer should support other developers in creating queries, stored procedures, functions or others database objects.

Before deploying the software, the SQL Server developer should define and participate in database tests and if is needed, the SQL Server developer should create ETL packages for data migration.

SQL Server developer should pass all information and documentation to DBA team so they can support the databases better.

Designing databases

Keep in mind that a well-designed database performs better, so make sure the design of the database is an accurate model of the business. For that the SQL Server developer needs to understand the business functions to be modelled.


What is it?

It is the process of organizing data efficiently in a relational database . Usually involves dividing large tables into smaller and less redundant tables and defining relationships between them:

  1. Each table should represent a group of related data and should have a primary key that identifies each row as unique.
  2. Create relationships between tables using foreign keys


For performance reasons, after normalization it may be needed to perform the desnormalization process.

Use indexes

Before starting to create indexes you need to understand first the characteristics of the database and the queries, so you can design optimal indexes.

Some considerations:

  • Indexes speeds up SELECT but slows down INSERT
  • Indexes occupies disk space
  • Avoid indexes in small tables

Use views and stored procedures


Stored queries that aggregates data from tables for presents the information that is only necessary for the user.

Stored procedures

Block of SQL statements that are stored in the database. They are precompiled so that it boosts the peformance when called and executed.

Some recomendations

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