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SQL Server components

SQL Server includes a variety of features. The diagram shows the relationships among SQL Server and components and identifies interoperability between components.

Service Broker is a native feature for messaging and queuing applications.


Replication is a native feature for distributing data and databases objects from one database to another maintaining the consistency.



SSIS - Integration Services

SSAS - Analysis Services

MSSQL - Database Engine

SSRS - Reporting Services

  • Introduced with SQL Server 2005, came to replace DTS (data transformation service) that existed in SQL Server 7 and 2000.

  • It's a powerful tool for (Extract, Transform and Load) ETL. Very useful for data migration or integration.

  • Packages can be created by Import/Export wizard or developed with Business Intelligence Development Studio and can address from simple to very complex business needs.

  • Introduced with SQL Server 2000, it was an evolution of OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) services that existed in SQL Server 7 and delivers functionality for business intelligence applications

  • Also delivers Data Mining (predictive analytics)  to discover patterns in your data and Multidimensional solution that uses cube structures for analyzing business data across multiple dimensions. 

  • The core service for storing, processing and securing data.
  • Is the database platform for large-scale OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP) and data warehousing.
  • Introduced in 2004 as an add-on of SQL Server 2000, was released as part of next versions of SQL Server.
  • It's a server-based report generation software system.
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